Cost effectiveness with every service

We stock a variety of products for the hygiene needs of our clients.

We provide you with the supply of: 


Aerosol dispensers and fragrances


·         Aerosol dispensers and fragrances

·         Diffuser large area fragrancing

·         Sanitary bins

·         Soap dispensers and hand soap.

·         Hand sanitizer and Surface disinfectants.

·         Toilet Seats Cleaners

·         Toilet paper and Hand Towel dispensers .

·         Jumbo and household toilet paper, interfolded paper, centrefeed rolls hand paper

·         Baby changers and high chairs

·         Urinal basin fragrances

·         A full range of high quality detergents and disinfectants for surfaces, floors, glass, oven for the washroom, kitchen and other areas.

·         Flip top and open bins.

·         Insect Control spray and Units

·         Rodent Control

High quality products

All of the products that we use are of high quality and, therefore, will be effective against germs and dirt, especially during these times where disinfection is of the utmost importance. We use products such as:

• Evans - Safezone Virucidal disinfectant spray
• Vectair - Eco-shell air fresheners
• Katrin - Washroom dispensers
• Vectair - Babyminder horizontal
• Vectair - V-screen urinal
• Vectair - V-Air solid